First New Project! Mieru Hito Chapter 28 version 1


Hey everyone! Welcome to You’re Welcome Scans! Our first project that I’ve decided to choose for this group is the first work of Iwashiro Toshiakibetter known as the author of the moderately successful Psyren. It’s called Mieru Hito, and I’ve decided to show this little story here of a guide for spirits such attention after years of being ignored. Unfortunately, this manga hasn’t had a release since the Fourth of July… back in 2009. So yeah, you can definitely say it’s been craving some attention. I’ll be able to release some chapters until we hit 31, which is what I have translations up to. After that, I’ll need a new translator the rest of the series, which is 3 and a half more volumes. It wouldn’t hurt to gain a cleaner and a redrawer as you’ll see why I called this release a v1. If I gain an interested redrawer and cleaner, I’ll gladly release a v2 for this chapter sometime in the future. If this series strikes your fancy, you can volunteer to translate/redraw/clean at

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