Jungle no Ouja Ta-chan! Chapter 33 Release! [Temp Project]

Hey guys, bringing out another temp project out like Wingman.

Like Wingnan, this too was also published in Shonen Jump back in the day. Unlike it, there was 4 translations available so we’ll keep pumping out scans at least until the end of October. I’ll keep a nice weekly schedule with this like I did with Inumaru Dashi earlier this year. Like always with past projects, we can continue this as long as we recruit a new translator; the offer is always out there for people 🙂

To read the first two volumes (chapters 1-32), click here. It’s Mangahere instead of Batoto because the previous scan group, Earth’s Utopia, doesn’t allow their releases on Batoto.


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33 thoughts on “Jungle no Ouja Ta-chan! Chapter 33 Release! [Temp Project]

    1. No the links are fine. They’re not the issue here, I’m just wondering if you’d like to pitch in with helping in typesetting, cleaning, redrawing. Any of that good stuff. I ask cause it might help them get english scanlations out to the public more quicker. They seem interested in doing it though so that’s good! 🙂


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