Ana No Mujina Special Edition 2 Release!

I won’t be able to have time to typeset a whole chapter due to me hanging out with some old friends and family this upcoming half of the week, but I didn’t want to disappoint you Mujina fans out there. So enjoy at least this second special edition chapter, with 20 different sketches that Amano has pumped out since he started Mujina last year.

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P.S. if my translator Chessus ever finds the time after we’ve caught up to Mujina in the future, I might release a v2 of this with some translation for some of the pics, although that all depends on him.

2 thoughts on “Ana No Mujina Special Edition 2 Release!

  1. Yay, finally able to access WordPress fully in China! It only allowed me to see the post and I couldn’t comment but now it’s finally working. Thanks for the chapter, Sataki looks good even in a dress, wonder what he would look like if he fully cross dressed… Why does he look so good in anything? Shades7000, I hope you had fun visiting friends and family and to the other members of the you’re welcome scans, I hope you had great holidays too!

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