Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell Chapter 8 Release!

Finally to the end of Volume 2, onto Volume 3 next time with the weird Cthulhu like girl. Although, unfortunately that might take a while to happen as our translator Souldrake has some personal troubles to deal with in real life before he can focus back on translating. So I hope you guys can please understand the circumstances.

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5 thoughts on “Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell Chapter 8 Release!

  1. Thanks for doing this series. It deserves translation much more than some of the crap out there… I’m a bit disappointed that you haven’t redrawn the double pages (especially Eri’s transformation scene, ahem), but I can see those redraws would be a huge pain in the arse to do, so it’s understandable. (I certainly wouldn’t want to do the job.) Maybe you should invest in your own raws? (Though I can’t help you pay for them. Heh.) Oh, and I appreciate how you’ve gone to the trouble of translating the character profiles. Many people just wouldn’t bother. (I assume the ones from volume 2 are forthcoming…)

    Well, that’s all beside the point. I’m posting this because you’ve got some of the names wrong. Basically, you need to brush up on your Lovecraft. (btw, you can see some of the names romanised in one of the later volumes, which is how I know this. Don’t know exactly where, sorry.) So,

    イタカ = Ithaqua (no, I didn’t know it was pronounced that way either)
    ショゴス = Shoggoth
    ルルイエ = R’lyeh, for future reference. This one comes up surprisingly often in manga, and usually no one has a clue what it’s supposed to be.
    ドュール – I see you weren’t sure about this one. I think it might actually be Dhole. Though he doesn’t look much like a dhole. But the shoggoth doesn’t exactly look like you would expect either…
    ルラ should probably be Rula, given what it’s short for (don’t want to spoil it for everyone who’s reading this, ha ha… anyway, it’s revealed later on).

    Also, some personal opinions on other names, which you can feel free to ignore. 🙂 First, I prefer Sharuel to Sharelle. I don’t think you would spell Sharelle with a ル, and Sharuel suggests a fallen angel (the names of angels always end in “el”, except when they’re called after soft drinks…). And I don’t know why you spelled Mad with two Ds or changed Ricardo (which is a perfectly good name) to Ricald (which isn’t).

    That’s all for now!

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      1. OK, this is a reeeeally late reply… I was starting to worry that you had dropped this because I had offended you or something, so I decided to check back. Glad to see that wasn’t the case, sad that there haven’t been any updates. And no, much as I would like to be able to help getting more manga translated, my Japanese is still nowhere near good enough. Sorry.

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