4 thoughts on “Future Retro Hero Story Chapter 13 Release!

  1. Thanks for these! Even if they only release on Holidays (lol) could this potentially get picked back up? A few friends and I are reading though and enjoying them but we know it only goes up to Ch 13, it’s bummin me out

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    1. Yes, I do wanna pick this back up eventually, I would just need to convince a translator to do it. It won’t be the same quality scans like with our joint with dou because he bought and personally scanned them.


      1. I’m one of the people reading this with Zemekis. (Just happened to see this thread while I was downloading the next chapter in our weekly queue.) We’re working on a translation of the Outlaw Star manga that I hope we’ll finish well before the end of the year.
        Another member of our team who’s now handling the translation side is a fluent Japanese speaker and he’s doing a damn good job. We pay him for his time since he isn’t as into Takehiko Ito’s works as we are and he’s a professional translator, but I’d certainly mention this to him if you’d like to continue FRHS at some point. There’d be no need to worry about any convincing—we’d handle any expenses for his translations.
        Thanks for your (and your translator’s) work on this. It’s a great read.

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      2. Whaaaattttttt?! That’s amazing news! Tell your translator friend that I’m absolutely 100% on board with bringing FRHS back. I’m glad it’s later in the year too, it helps considering I have a couple of computer issues to take care of.


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