Mako-san to Hachisuka-kun. Chapter 48.5 [END] Release!

Yup, that [end] is there for a reason, folks. This is the last chapter of Mako-san. Man, it’s been a wild two and a half year ride. At first, when I started this project with Mid-in-Garlic (who’s a beast who’s keeping this group alive and well), we were speeding through this manga. But then around volume 2 or 3, our speed dropped tremendously. IRL stuff happened to me (moving, trying to find more hours at work) so I couldn’t dedicate my time as much as I wanted to this series. But, help definitely came down the line eventually especially through one of my old scanlation friends, amtt. So, shoutouts to Sanakan, cause if I didn’t have their help, Volume 5 definitely wouldn’t have been done at this point. Of course, das for the raws he provided which were great quality. Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed this series. With it done, I hope to start back up on Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous soon, and finally finish up volume 7 of that in the near future.

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Read Online links will be updated once Mangadex is back up.

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