Mutou Black Chapter 14 [END] Release!

Phew, WOW. Here we finally are. I had to check Mangaupdates for this one, apparently we started this manga back since April 2016? Jeez, but then again I started this little 2 volume manga simply because there was a random translation in Mangahelpers for chapter 2 by a guy named vinceled. From there, I went through several translators. Chessus who helped us back in the Ana No Mujina days with chapter 3, then Opper-pax from /ak/ scans who helped us from 4 to 6, and then finally my awesome translator and friend MidInGarlic, who finished off the rest of the series. Yeah, it was always a on again/off again series for us here, I did at most two chapters of the series each year until Garlic came forward, which was probably frustrating for some of you guys following it. Heck, even when Garlic finished the translations a while back, I had no time to typeset, but thankfully our current typesetter, rockscientist, came along and helped us release chapters. Ok, so yeah, enjoy the final chapter. I hope the bumpy and slow ride was worth the wait.

Side note, Garlic translated a oneshot called Ukigamo that was included in volume 2 of Mutou Black, so look forward to that in the future as well!

Read Online/Download

Read Online link updated 8/6/21

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