QUINTUPLE RELEASE?! Katatsumuri-chan Chapters 14-18 Release!

Yeah, remember this series? I don’t even blame you if you thought we dropped this after volume one, cause… Well, we pretty much are dropping this after this release :/. Buuuuttttttt we have already dropped this series once before, so never say never to us coming back to this series once again. Also, for anyone wondering, these chapters were supposed to be released earlier but for some reason the Nayuki Love group has become pretty inactive since January of this year. So I just kept backlogging chapters as I went along, hoping for their leader to come back on the scene which never happened unfortunately. So yeah, that’s why we’re coming along with this whole five chapter release, I hope you Imai Kami fans enjoy this, and I hope to see ya with more of this some day down the line.

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