Ukigumo Oneshot Release!

Ok, it’s been a good minute since I’ve posted something here, but it’s a great one I assure you. Today, we have an awesome oneshot by one Nonoue Dajirou. If that name sounds familiar, it should, as it was the author of Mutou Black! This is one of his earlier oneshots, which he even linked to the last chapter of Mutou Black, which is really cool cause that means it takes place in the same universe as Mutou Black. As you can see below. Very nice, Dajirou. Very nice.

This oneshot is about the top delinquent from Mars (yes, really) named Ukita Kikuchiyo who’s now trying to take over the turf on Earth after switching schools but is incredibly weak due to living in Mars’ low gravity. Luckily for him however, after getting beat by a gang, he meets up with Shirokuma Fuuta, a practitioner of Aikido who teaches him the ways provided it’s only for self defense. Yeah, you can probably see where this is going. Ok now, enjoy the oneshot! We’ll see ya soon with some more Wingman and Atom!

Read Online/Download

Read Online link will be updated once Mangadex gets around to adding series on their site.

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