ATOM The Beginning Chapter 60 Release!

Wow, how things change. If you’ve been following this blog since the beginning of this year, you would know that I was planning to release as many chapters of this series as humanly possible this whole year, and we were doing that for a while. However, the folks at Titan Comics have announced that they’re releasing the series legally this fall! Part of their new Titan Manga imprint, the first volume launches this October. Now, prior to this announcement, we had three chapters translated, so we are releasing those and then we’re dropping the series. We always drop a series if they’re legally licensed by a company, we’ve always done it with other series in the past, and as much as it pains me, this series won’t be an exception. No lie, that licensing kinda hurts cause I loved doing this series, I love these authors, but I do love that I can support them too by buying the legal version so it’s a kind of bittersweet feeling. Well, with all that, enjoy this chapter, brought to you guys by us and Jammin’ Scans.

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4 thoughts on “ATOM The Beginning Chapter 60 Release!

  1. It’s sad to hear that the translation work is being stopped, but I understand the reason as to why, I hope to buy the manga myself some time. Thank you all very much for translating the manga through all these years it was always a highlight of the day when a new chapter was available to read here. the love and dedication is very appreciated.


  2. I appreciate the work on this manga over the years. (I cant believe Ive been reading this for so long already lol). Yes, it’s bittersweet that this translation project comes to an end but Im also happy that I can officially support the manga buy purchasing it too.

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  3. I am also saddened by this. I fully understand you not continuing. At a minimum it’s bean de’rigure in scanalation to do so. I will not be buying or reading the “official” translations. First because yours are done with a sense of interest in the material and theirs with a sense of commerce. In other words you are translating a work. They are manufacturing a product. My experience is that this is never good. I do not read Manga to get a whiff of what might be said. but to read the ideas the Mangaka put in their work. You have always given me that. Thank you. Second I doubt that the amount the Mangaka will receive from the translation will amount to much . I do not need to support ether publisher. I would rather buy the volumes in Japanese than enrich Random House. They will of course start a Chapter one and it will be four or five years before we see volume 12. Funny how they waited this long to licence a popular series. Makes you wonder where they got the idea. I will therefore drop the series when you do. I know my opinion will not be popular these days. Well history I guess is such the we are bound to repeat it. Thank you for letting me read this work in good translations all these years.


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