Project Status

I figured it was high time to have a nice listing of what projects we here at You’re Welcome Scans do and are interested in doing in the future so you guys can be in the know, so here you go. You’ll find them all down below; Past, present, and future, yo.

Current Projects

Dropped Projects (although we still wanna work on em!)

High Priority

Low Priority (Still want help, just letting you know)

  • Inumarudashi (Vol 1 done, Volumes 2-11 needs Japanese translator with good knowledge of Japanese pop culture.)
  • Jungle no Ouja Ta-chan (1-36 done, JP > EN translator needed)
  • Mr. Fullswing (Up to chap 65 finished. Needs willing editor, translator)

Zero Priority (Licensed/Picked up series)

Complete Projects (Dates completed next to them)

Future Projects

  • Onikujo (Fully translated! Typesetting being done now.)

Phew! You have no idea have many revisions, time, all this took to gather. If for some reason, there was a project we’ve done that I left out from here, please tell me as I’m sure I probably missed something. Leave comments as you see fit below if you’re also interested in the status of a particular series and this didn’t explain enough.

Methods of Contact

  • Discord
  • Gmail –

Updated: 6/1/22