We like translating Japanese manga to English!
Although, I’ll like to clarify that we don’t do licensed manga, it breaks copyright and it wastes resources on a manga that’s already guaranteed to have a English scan so please don’t contact me about it unless the series was officially dropped by the licensor.
Now with that clarified, here’s some of our ongoing projects down below. Contact us at yourewelcomescans@gmail.com if you wanna help us, we can always use the help! 🙂

Current Projects
Ana No Mujina
ATOM: The Beginning (joint with Golden Roze)
Future-Retro Hero Story (joint with dou)
Halcyon Lunch (joint with Gantz Waitingroom and Habanero Scans)
He~nshin Sonata Birdie Rush!! (joint with Nayuki Love)
Inumaru Dashi
Mr. Fullswing
Sentou Hakai Gakuen Dangerous (joint with /a/nonymous)
Also random projects which we find floating translations of on the internet in forums.

Past Projects (which we’re still interested in doing btw, just need translators!)
Ayakashi Utahime Karuta
Buster Dress
Jungle no Ouja Ta-chan
Kakuriyo Monogatari
Mahou Shoujo Pretty Bell
Mieru Hito
Mutou Black

Complete Projects
Kaette Kita! Shinmai Fukei Kiruko-san
Kiriwo Terrible
Mitsukubi Condor
Onii-chan Control
Shinsetsu Bobobo Bo Bobobo
Shiranui-san wa Oni ga Mienai

Double Bullet
Hyoubou Fubu
Moon Walker LTD.
Parasite B
Yumil’s Demon

Dropped Projects
Minna! Esper da yo! (former joint project, Golden Roze still doing it themselves.)
REVOLT (MangaIchi Scanlation Division picked it up.)
Totsukuni no Shoujo (former joint with Golden Roze Scans, now licensed by Seven Seas and done now by TSP.)


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