BACK TO A JOINT! ATOM The Beginning Chapter 42 Release!

It’s the start of volume 9! Also, after one volume, we’re right back to being a joint project, but this time with the folks at Jammin Scans! They’re great folks, and I’m glad to be working with them considering well I already have been working with them this whole time! You see our main proofreader for the series, Vigorous Jammer is now the main translator while our old translator, lyxia, helps proofread the series instead. You see we ran into a situation where we were almost caught up with the french scans (lyxia is a french translator) and the only available scans fetched up to 90 bucks online. This put us in a bit of a situation, but luckily Vigorous knows Japanese pretty dang good so that quickly got resolved. All he asked is that we made Atom into a joint project again with his group, and I happily agreed to it. So, yeah that’s how we’re at where we’re at. Ok, now back to Atom, I’ll just say that we’re gonna get into some serious business starting with this first chapter, trust me when I say it’s gonna be one heck of a ride.

Read Online/Download

Chapter will be up for reading once MD brings back uploading.

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