ATOM The Beginning Chapter 62 Release! FINAL CHAPTER (for us, anyway…)

Mannnn, I know I already ranted about this when I initially announced us dropping it but I am going to miss this series. I loved doing it, it had such rich worldbuilding, great characters, interesting concepts, it was absolutely fantastic. I’ve seen the response from you guys after I initiatively said that we were dropping Atom due to getting licensed, and I’m grateful to see how many people loved this series. And while I am sad that we weren’t able to reach our initial goal of getting closer to Japan this year, I am glad in what we able to release these past six years with both the now defunct Golden Roze and the current Jammin’ Scans. It’s been great releasing this series with all you guys. Now it’s not all over, we are going to do another Tetsuro Kasahara work, and I’ll just leave this list here so you guys can speculate on which series it is. Huge hint, it’s not Ride Back, I tried to see if our translator for Atom would go for it, but it is a very long series. It would be a project that would undertake a lot of time and effort to translate so I don’t blame them. So yeah, with all that, enjoy the last chapter from us. It’s been quite the ride.

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